We will meet with you and discuss your video needs, getting to the essence of your business and what you want to promote. We are happy to develop a fresh, creative idea or work with your existing ideas.

Production Workflow


This stage includes finalising the video outline and organising filming times, locations and any additional requirements. We will provide a cost-effective quote before proceeding. 


Our friendly, professional crew utilise the latest camera, lighting and audio equipment to create your video. We have many years experience in video storytelling and it results in our ability to offer an efficient, straight forward and enjoyable filming experience while capturing cinematic and engaging footage.


Here is where we bring all the elements together, cutting footage and mixing in audio, music and graphics / logos as well as colour grading giving your video the polishing touch. 


We deliver your video through downloadable file or on USB in stunning High Definition as standard. We offer fast turn around times on our projects, meaning you can share your video sooner!

We can't wait to bring your video to life!

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